23 March 2012

Good day Mariecel
It is exciting, I have forwarded a mail to my manager Edwin.
It is brilliant, easy to follow and to understand. It guides the learners and keeps the interest of the learner. The screen shots make everything so much easier and better to understand Cactus. The learner can do this without supervision from anyone.
I love it. I'm still waiting for response from my manager. He is busy at the moment with Nirusha not around. I'll ask him again to have a look at it in case I've missed something.

Well done!

Pamela Nkosi, Partner Service Desk Agent, Nashua Mobile (Pty) LT

16 March 2012

Hello everyone
VLC has been a very unusual project and I am not sorry it’s moving to its Delivery Phase!
All of you have shown true “Can Do” and have helped me in slowing down to a mild panic throughout this week.
We got a compliment from Branded – and that’s no mean feat.

I appreciate each one of you.

Fiona Storevik, Manager - Learning and Performance : MTN