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Get your business online with our varies methods to help you be found and draw in more clients using the internet

We repeat Adverts With Your Business Details.

On: Our Ever Growing Paid Marketing Facebook Campaign,

Ensuring Greater Odds To Attract Clients For Businesses Who Take up Advertisement With Us,

Its budget Friendly!

Placing Your Business Details Online on multiple Platforms, improving the odds in being found online via Search Engines.

We place adverts for you and List Your Business in Our Directories


Services We Offer

“Our services are designed to bring in leads for businesses in a cost-effective way reaching thousands of people around you,

Without you having to know digital marketing we take care of it all.”



Listing Your Business On Our Website and Monthly Publications to Facebook Page



Listing of your business on our Website and weekly publications to our Facebook Page,

Includes Facebook Group For Your To Place Adverts that we place on the page every time you post in group creating viral content


Best practical marketing

Listing of Your Business on Our Website and Daily Publications to our Facebook Page and allowing you to post your advertisements on our Page and also include your business in our blog posts (much greater exposure)



  • Custom Domain
  • 1 Email User
  • 1 Gig Storage

(Extra Users Billed at R50pm)

Landing Page

Landing Page
  • Email Included
  • 1 Email User
  • Custom Domain
  • 1 Gig Storage
  • 1 Page Landing Page Containing
  • Your Location of Business
  • Contact Details
  • Professionally Designed
  • Google Indexed for Your Business
  • Whatsapp Click to Chat
  • SEO

Setup Fee Once Off (R3500)

Web Design

Web Design
  • Web Design
  • 5 Pages You Specify
  • Professionally Designed
  • 5 Gig Storage
  • Custom Domain
  • Up To 5 Emails
  • Click to Chat With Whatsapp
  • Facebook Page Integration
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing Campaign On Link Buildings

Your Monthy Budget Can Have Us Create More Content For you and continued link building strategies

Setup R15000

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Advertise Online

How to Promote Your Local Business
How to Promote Your Local Business with Help from Bihrd
There a few good ways to promote your local business. One way is through online advertisements. This includes things like pay per click ads, social media ads, and Facebook advertising. Another way is through content marketing. This includes things like blogging, videos, and e-books. The more content you can create the better since people will …

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Information in regards to a deceased estate
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What are ways to advertise online?

We have compiled a list of ways in which you can advertise your business with us

Bihrd Online Directory Listing

Bihrd Online Directory Listing is an extremely important source of exposure for any business. There are many benefits to being listed on a directory, such as an increase in traffic, leads and improved ranking on search engines.

Online Advertisements go hand in hand with it if you are online it counts

Online advertisements have become the norm for most online users. Whether you are a computer user, or a browsing smartphone user, advertisers are watching. All of your internet activity is monitored and tracked so that marketers can present appropriate ads to you, tailored to your interests and habits.

Social Media Networking To engage in specified customers

With the rise of social media and the internet, businesses can reach customers by using a variety of different networks. Facebook, for example, is a network that allows companies to post about their products or services and interact with potential customers.

  • Websites & Blogs this covers brand building and awareness

Brand building is a systematic process of designing and executing a unique, customized experience with the intent of generating increased customer loyalty. The experience should result in an increased number of customers and an improved customer lifetime value.

  • Search Engine Optimization getting you more organic traffic thanks to blogging and content marketing strategies

“Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of making sure that a website appears in the top results on a search engine. The goal of SEO is to rank as high as possible for relevant searches. This can be done by using keywords and phrases targeted towards your business. Other strategies include link building, quality content creation and social media marketing.”

  • Internet Marketing this can be done thru paid marketing or even organic link building to rank higher on search quiries

There are many ways to promote your website and business online. Paid marketing is one of the most effective methods because you can target people with a specific interest in your product. You can also use organic link building to rank higher on search queries.

Promote Your Business South Africa

Do you want to promote your business and get more new clients? Then, we can help you with that. With our blog and directory services, you can be sure that your business will be seen by many more people.

Promoting your business online is the most important marketing strategy. It can improve your chances of getting new clients by driving traffic to your website, social media pages, and business directories.

We have launched the Business Directories. Our directories are designed to show your business on more Google Searches.

We are a leading digital marketing agency that helps businesses promote their business online.

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Design & Development, Digital PR and much more!

Our business directories will show your business on more google searches. We will do this by placing your listings in multiple categories and sub-categories so that you can be seen on more search results pages.

We will also ensure that your listing is optimized and ready to be searched for online so it ranks higher on search engine pages.

Many people often overlook the value of local listings.

We want to make sure that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase your online presence by taking advantage of our business directory.

We understand how important it is for businesses like yours to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing and provide the most relevant information about your company.

We are committed to helping you promote your business, no matter what industry you are in, or what size your company is.

Promoting your business can be difficult, especially if you are smaller company.

You might have a product that is high quality but is just overlooked by people who are bombarded with advertisements.

This is where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is gaining traction with small businesses because it is an effective way to promote your business without spending too much money on ads. A blog post about your company can reach thousands of people with just one post.

Blog posts are also easy to promote because you only have to share them once for them to be seen by the same group of people again – most likely more than once!

We publish new content daily to all our blogs, meaning we attract a lot of traffic and Search Authority to offer for business to thrive online

If you’re serious about getting better results on search engines AKA getting people to find you online via searches on Google, then come and chat with us. We do online branding (web design), content marketing, SEO, and more.

We specialize in Local Search Results creating your online brand to stand out, having good relevant content, being mobile friendly and ensuring you are found in your industry locally


Custom Email

It just looks much more professional for businesses to have their own email. it gives a much better impression of trust instead of using a Gmail account for a business have a professional name as your email, research shows people are more likely to contact you with a personalised email than with a Gmail email