News on WhatsApps New Features and What They Mean for Marketing Professionals

Meta is introducing new features for chat groups like “communities” that group administrators can use to create different silos of the same chat.

Each will be given its own dedicated chat rooms and gateways, but all will be connected under one umbrella.

Admins can send messages in this chat, and they will be able to create sub-groups related to the community.

An example provided is a university course with all its teaching classes included.

WhatsApp Communities will allow admins to organise multiple groups under a single, overarching channel,

This would provide similar functionality to what’s currently available from one of WhatsApp’s most prominent rivals – Telegram.

WhatsApp has added profile pictures to WhatsApp message notifications.

The beta update only available to iOS 15 is great. I haven’t seen anything better!,

means users will now see the profile photo of the person who sent them a message directly within the notification on their home screen.

WhatsApp will start showing additional information in notifications informing users that someone replied to or mentioned them in a message on a group chat.

WhatsApp for business users has been updated with a new advanced search filter.

You can search by contacts, non-contacts and unread messages, as well as combine different search options to find precisely what you need.

In a December 2021 update, WhatsApp activated new security measures to protect your privacy from unidentified contacts. They can’t see your last seen or online status from now on.

The privacy setting changes are designed to protect WhatsApp users from certain apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that allow people to “stalk” other users.

Now that WhatsApp defaults to “no status” unless the two accounts have interacted, third-party ‘stalking’ apps won’t be able to get any glimpse at your last seen or online statuses.

WhatsApp is rolling out a bunch of new features, including an update that would allow group admins to delete messages for all members.

As per the latest Wabetainfo report, WhatsApp has released a new update for group messages. The update may soon let admins delete messages that have been sent by any member of the group – whether it’s their own message or another’s – as long as they have permissions enabled.

This was removed by an admin, From now on, this message will be seen by all other participants in the chat if directed at them, and to that end will be directed at the admin.

If there are multiple admins in a group chat and one person initiates a post directed at another person, the post will only be visible to them and not all chats administrators

This is probably one of the best recent updates in WhatsApp because it will beautifully address issues where messages are used inappropriately.

Groups admins will now have the power to delete any message sent in the group, so groups can remain less toxic.

No release date has been announced yet.

In addition to this, WhatsApp has also been spotted testing a new in-app camera interface for Android devices.

The new interface in the camera app makes it easier to see what you’re capturing because the flash shortcut is in a more visible position, and they redesigned the button for taking photos.

There’s also a row that shows the pictures you’ve taken recently on top of the shutter button

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